CNC precision foaming machine

Scope of application

This machine model is designed for the dry rubber foaming process of fluid PU synthetic leather as a replacment of the wet process to change the complicated manufacturing process,resulting in lower costs,environmental-friendliness,energy efficiency and optimal porosity of end products.
It is also designed for carpet and artificial fur backing operation,curtain cloth foaming/coating operation and foaming operation of latex,rubber and cosmetics and more.



Main Parameters

Foaming rubber dosage 0.3~1.5m/h (0.3~2t adjusted by hand or auto PLC tracking coating speed)
Foaming head temp. ≤40℃
Applicable ambient temp. -10~35℃
Atmospheric pressure range Above sea level 0-2500m(PLC set-up)
Ratio between throughput/air 20℃~80℃(PLC set-up)
Applicable glue viscosity 1000~6000CPS
Feeding mode Shaft pumps or hose pumps
Total power 5.5KW (Standard set-up mode)
Installation way Moveable trolley type
Overall dimension (L)1600×(W)650×(H)1350mm
Overall weight 400kg

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