Main technical parameters and range of application:

1. Nominal Width: 180~400cm (Valuable 100-380cm)
2.Mechanical Velocity: 10~80m/min(Frequency Control)
3.Transmission mode: Horizontal guide transmission
4.Heating mode:Conduction oil-Oven 220℃,Steam>0.6MPa 145℃
5.Total power:≈100KW
This machine is intended for dehydration, finishing,
drying, baking and heat setting of woven and knitted fabrics

SWA95/SWS95 correction device with LGA06 fabric expanding device and fabric tension frame

Based on the modular design, correction device and the fabric expanding device are easy to connect and install.
The control unit of fabric expanding device is integrated in centering device.
With fabric fed tension frame, making the feeding fabric process more perfectly in the centering device.

KRS60 stenter machine with infrared selvedge tracking system

KRS60 infrared selvedge tracking system make sure the selvedge will fall on the needle plate precisely when stenter machine working in high speed.
KRS60 infrared selvedge tracking system is the world's first "integrated" detecting edge device, the original control part of detecting edge is integrated into motor.
Combined with the CCD infrared electric eye which detection accuracy is 0.1mm, real-time control to ensure accurate on the needle plate.
KR60 motor is a brushless motor, free maintenance, integrating gear set in ultra high-speed. The detecting edge device has a simplified appearance, wears well, even in very hostile environment.

Temperature control system

The complete set of temperature control system uses electric temperature control valves and tables which are Paolo Bearz(imported from Germany). It can control the temperature of oven more accurate and reliable.

Hot air circulation oven

Operating system control 

The whole set of operation control system uses SIEMENS control system, including PLC, touch screen, driver, frequency converter, high temperature resistant motor including hot air circulating fan.

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