Carpet tile automatic packaging line


Carpet transmission part → Unpack and sealing part → Sealing and stacking part → Sealing output part


Packing Stacking PLC electrical control




Scope of application

Using touch screen to achieve man-machine conversation.It can show fault location,test running condition,and high degree of automation.It is well adapted to the standard of carpet's thickness and diifferent packaging boxes thickness.The whole machine operates stably,reliably.The speed of responsing the fault is fast.It guarantees the production schedule utter-mostly.



Main Parameters

Model DTBZ-50
Packing Capability Mechanical speed 5-10m/min (process speed is 7m/min,according to 2m width carpet,packaging capability is 840m2/h)
Total Power 20KW
Size L 23500mm × W 9100mm × H 3660mm
Weight 5600KG

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