Woven carpet coating production line


Centering → Tration → Store cloth→ Feed and clean cloth → Constant tension control → Damping → Gluing → φ250cm drying cylinder→ Exhaust of moisture → Three processing→ 6m Oven → Cooling drive → Swing cloth and cropping





Scope of application

Intended for coating/stentering of Arkmin,Wilton and such as woven carpet.



Main Parameters

Nominal width 420cm (available width 410cm)
Operating speed 1-5m/min Frequency Control
Transmission mode Frequency,constant tension control(oven using holding roller)
Heat supply Heating by steam,conduction oil or gas heating directly
Temp. Steam 100~145℃,conduction oil 100~180℃
Total power ≈50KW
Car mode Looking from feeding frame to unloading frame

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