Bitumen carpet tile production line

Scope of application

Scope for application:intended for online operation of tufting,knitting,and nylon or PP fibre carpet back asphalting,subsequent drying as well as CNC cutting for sizes desired and more.



Main Parameters

Nominal width 120/220cm Adjustable(working with up to 100/200cm)
Operating speed 1~10m/min Frequency Control
Tile size 50cm×50cm,50cm×100cm,25cm×100cm,100cm×100cm Polygon
Transmission mode Conveyor chain
Heat supply Conduction oil(with a calorific value of 200,000 at 250℃)
Heating temp. Auto constant temp.control 100~200℃
Cooling temp. Automatic water-cooling control in the range from 25~60℃
Total power Approx.45KW,and approx.60KW in case of full automatic operation
Operating mode Separate cutting control of full automatic continuous operation

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